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Family Matters

Clark v. Clark (2024 ONSC 1547)
Family law — Property — Valuation
Justice N. Somji

Abou-Shaaban v. Alwani (2024 ONSC 1620)
Family law — Children — Maintenance — Entitlement
Justice B. Holowka

Civil Matters

Essiembre Consultant Inc. et al v. Gro-Net Financial Tax & Pension Planners Ltd. et al (2024 ONSC 1609)
Civil procedure — Summary judgment — Rules of Civil Procedure
Justice O. Rees

Criminal Matters

R. v. Nichols (2024 ONSC 1602)
Criminal law — Mental Illness — Fitness assessment
Justice B. Holowka

Divisional Court Decisions of Local Interest

Warman v. Kay (2024 ONSC 1623)
Civil litigation — Defamation — Libel — Defences — Justification
Justice O. Rees

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

Los v. Ross (2024 ONCA 208)
Endorsement — Civil procedure — Costs — Substantial indemnity
Justices K. van Rensburg, L. Roberts, and L. Favreau

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