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Family Matters

Van Stralen v. Rasalingam (2024 ONSC 3329)
Civil procedure — Costs — Assessment of quantum — Full recovery — Disbursements
Justice T. Engelking

Civil Matters

Kacin v. Kacin (2024 ONSC 3345)
Wills and estates — Estates administration — Probate — Appointment of Estate Trustee
Justice N. Somji

Knox Presbyterian Church v. Oakwood Designers & Builders (2024 ONSC 3131)
Real property — Commercial law — Construction law — Contract law
Justice S. Corthorn

Bourbonnais c. Bourbonnais (2024 ONCS 3248)
partage — vexatoire — cosignataire — conduite malveillante — enrichissement
Juge M. Smith

CCOC v. Noble (2024 ONSC 3227)
Reasonable accommodation — Duty to accommodate short of undue hardship
Justice C. MacLeod

Thibault v. Attorney General of Ontario (2024 ONSC 3168)
Injunctions — Interlocutory injunctions
Justice K. Jensen

Dawson and Harris v. Dawson (Estate) and Dawson et al. (2024 ONSC 3132)
Wills and estates — Wills — Interpretation
Justice S. Corthorn

Blair v. Blair (2024 ONSC 3119)
Civil procedure — Parties under disability — Litigation guardians — Appointments
Justice O. Rees

Cavan Construction LTD. v. Lewis (2024 ONSC 3115)
Barristers and solicitors — Confidentiality — Conflict of interest — Application for removal of counsel
Justice N. Somji

Night Hawk Technologies TM Inc. et al. v. Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (2024 ONSC 3114)
Civil procedure — Legal representation — Corporations
Associate Justice M. Fortier

Gestion Poudrier O/a Fenomax v IL Vicolo Restaurant (2024 CanLII 53321)
Breach of contract — Unjust enrichment
Deputy Judge R. Conway

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

R. v. Bush (2024 ONCA 469)
Criminal law — Admissibility of evidence
Justices I. Nordheimer, S. Coroza, and J. George

Crete v. Ottawa Community Housing Corporation (2024 ONCA 459)
Real property — Negligence — Municipal liability — Snow removal
Justices G. Huscroft, S. Coroza, and P. Monahan

Beazley v. Johnston (2024 ONCA 430)
Civil procedure — Appeals — Extension of time — Rules of Civil Procedure
Justice J. Simmons

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