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New on CanLII: Civil Procedure and Practice in Ontario

There is an exciting new resource on CanLII that we wanted to flag for our Ottawa lawyers! Led by Professor Noel Semple of the University of Windsor Faculty of Law, the brand new Civil Procedure and Practice in Ontario is a comprehensive and entirely free guide to the Rules of Civil Procedure, Courts of Justice Act, and Limitations Act.

The title was written by 135 lawyers and experts in the province, including Ottawa lawyers Phedely Ariste (Gowlings), Kelsey Buchmayer (Gowlings), Cory Giordano (Supreme Advocacy), Corey Groper (DMG Advocates) and Guy Régimbald (Gowlings), and made possible with funding from the Law Foundation.

A Definitive Guide for When to Gown (or Not Gown) in Ottawa

We’re often asked about robing protocol and to be honest, we don’t know. We’re not lawyers and the entire practice around when to gown or not seems like a mystery to us! Unfortunately, it wasn’t clear for lawyers, either. Which is why <drumroll> we’re very excited to present our Definitive Guide for When to Gown (or Not Gown) in Ottawa.


We’ve also posted this to our website under the Practice Portals, along with a text version, and we’ll be hanging them up in the Library, Lounge, and Robing Rooms too. Hope it helps!

Thank you to the many people who have helped with this chart, including Sean Bawden, Jonathan Richardson, Karen Ann Reid, and members of judiciary of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.