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The CCLA Library Blog was created to share news with our clients about library, be it our projects, new acquisitions, research tips, or training opportunities. We allow comments for this blog, so that we can continue to engage with our readers and library users. Please find below our commenting policy:

–  All comments on this site are moderated.  This is largely to filter through spam and advertising messages.  Messages of that nature will be deleted immediately.  We try to moderate our messages quickly, but please expect a small delay.

–  Please keep your comments focused on the topic discussed in the original post.

–  Comments should not contain profanity, racial slurs, or any other derogatory terms.

–  Well-composed and reasonable arguments for opposing opinions are encouraged; comments containing personal or defamatory attacks are not.

–  Comments should not contain unintelligible text. Attempts to leave comments that are written in the same tone as the original post are much appreciated.

–  While you may use your real name, use a web pseudonym, or remain anonymous, all commenters must provide a valid email address in order to submit a comment. Your email address will not appear in the published comment, and will only be used by the authors of the CCLA Library Blog if necessary to contact you about your comment.

–  All posted comments are the opinion of the poster only, and in no way implies the endorsement or agreement by the Library Staff or County of Carleton Law Association.

The CCLA reserves the right to block or delete comments that violate this policy. Submitting a comment constitutes an acceptance of this comment policy. If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please feel free to contact the Head Librarian at


The blog posts and materials published at the CCLA Library Blog belongs to the author of the material.

Our authors give the CCLA Library Blog a license to publish the blog posts and columns they write, to retain them permanently on the CCCLA Library Blog for our readers’ benefit, and to re-use them in connection with the CCLA and the CCLA Library in other formats. As well, our contributors and columnists agree that if they do republish or permit the republication of material from the CCLA Library Blog, the Blog will be given credit as the site of first publication and a hyperlink to the BLog will be included in any material republished electronically.

Please contact the CCLA Library if you wish permission to reproduce any of our matierals. If permission is given, we will ask that you give the CCLA Library Blog credit as the site of first publication and include a hyperlink to this blog if you propose to republish material electronically.

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