#ThrowbackThursday: Then and Now

For an association as old as we are, there are shockingly few pictures from CCLA history. We can’t find any pictures from inside the old courthouse, our conferences and events weren’t well documented in photos (not anymore, of course!), and we don’t have pictures of many of our past presidents (or librarians!).*

We did dig out of storage, however, pictures from when the library at the Elgin Street courthouse was new. Old technology! Temporary signage! The Scotiabank calendar that is *still* in our copy room 28 years later!

Canadian Law Reports, 1988     Canadian Law Reports, 2016

1988 (left) and 2016 (right)
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Here are two pictures of our Canadian Law Reports section – as it was in 1988, and how it is today. It’s hard to believe those shelves ever had so much empty room. When someone does this retrospective in another 28 years, it’s safe to say there will be no law reports at all. With legal research moving online, this section doesn’t get a lot of use anymore, and like the law reports from many other libraries who’ve remodeled recently, this part of the collection will have to go when we renovate our space.

*All that to say, please send us your old CCLA pictures!