Provincial Statutes Now Available in HeinOnline

I am far too overly excited to see that historical Provincial Statutes are now available in HeinOnline!

It seems coverage varies between the provinces, but it is fairly extensive thus far and the quality of the pdf scans in HeinOnline are always top notch. Ontario in particular looks to have everything back to 1867. For those needing to do historical legislative research from the comfort of their own office desks, this is excellent news!


Ontario lawyers have free remote access to HeinOnline through the Law Society. Email us for your password!


Ottawa Blog Roll: October 2016

Below are links to blog posts or articles authored by the Ottawa legal community in October.

Civil Litigation

Pay When Paid Clauses
– Owen Bourns, Ottawa Litigation

Auto Insurance Coverage: You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Till It’s Gone
– Frank Van Dyke, Van Dyke Injury Law Blog

Having trouble locating and serving a defendant? You may want to consider substituted service upon their liability insurer.
– Nicholas Krakana, Girones Lawyers

The Steps in a Civil Litigation Action
– Alexandra Ormond, Perley-Robertson Hill & McDougall LLP

Corporate Commercial Law

Canada’s New Eligible Capital Property Tax Regime and What It Means for Canadian Controlled Private Corporations
– Kentt Coburn, Startup.Buildup.Sellup.

Integrity and Good Governance is more than Paperwork
– Michael A. Chambers, Maclaren Corlett

Criminal Law

Are the Ottawa Police Racist?
– Michael Spratt, Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP

Criminal Defence Lawyers Oil the Machinery of Justice, and We Pay For That Privilege
– Michael Spratt, Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP

Joint positions and the administration of justice
– Anne-Marie McElroy, McElroy Law

The legality of sexting
– Anne-Marie McElroy, McElroy Law

September Criminal Law Round-up
– Anne-Marie McElroy, McElroy Law

New penalties for drug-impaired driving take effect Oct. 2, 2016, in Ontario
– Brett McGarry, McGarry Law

Parliament considering tough new impaired driving laws
– Brett McGarry, McGarry Law

Legalized Marijuana: Lessons From the U.S. Experience
– Tim McCunn and Alicia Czarnowski, Perley-Robertson Hill & McDougall LLP

Employment & Labour Law

Active Employment and Employee Bonus Entitlements
– Paul Willetts, Vey Willetts LLP

Wrongful resignation: Revisiting the employee obligation to provide reasonable notice
– Andrew Vey, Vey Willetts LLP

Duty to Provide an Employer with Reasonable Notice of Termination
– Jill Lewis, The Workplace Matters

Deletion of Browser History in Failed Attempt to Protect Privacy Not Spoliation of Evidence
– Sean Bawden, Labour Pains

Mitigation – It Doesn’t Happen In A Vacuum
– Christopher Rootham, The Workplace Matters

Changing Workplaces Review: Update The Definition of “Employee”?
– Janice Payne, The Workplace Matters

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