Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

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Divisional Court Decisions of Local Interest

Beseiso v. Presendieu (2022 ONSC 6424)
illegal lock-out — cross-appeal — general damages for pain — harassment — lockout
Justices K. Swinton, A. Ramsay, and J. Leiper

Kaba c. Logement communautaire d’Ottawa et al. (2022 ONCS 6404)
communautaire — locateur — remontées — permission — retirer
Les juges K. Swinton, A. Ramsay, and J. Leiper

Primmum Insurance v. L’Unique Assurances Générales (2022 ONSC 6336)
arbitrator — insurer — policy — motorcycle — indemnification
Justice S. Corthorn

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

R. v. Mainville (2022 ONCA 792)
roommate — victim — offence — evidence — information that could identify
Justices P. Lauwers, G. Huscroft, and S. Coroza

MBM Intellectual Property Law LLP v. Drizen (2022 ONCA 766)
agreement — application — fees — typo — assessment
Justices J. Simmons, K. van Rensburg, and L. Favreau

R. v. Lavergne (2022 ONCA 760)
evidence — classroom — students — crotch — sexual
Justices D. Doherty, A. Hoy, and D. Paciocco