JustisOne: New British Case Law Subscription

One of the most frequent services we provide here in the library is the locating of old case law, quite often old British cases that are not available on the basic Lexis or Carswell subscriptions. We have been keeping our eye out for an affordable solution to having to trudge through and scan the old British case reporters, and after demoing JustisOne for the past month we are pleased to announce it as a new subscription available for use here at the CCLA library!


With JustisOne we now have electronic in-library access to a wealth of British case law and legislation, including noted up links to Canadian case law as well.

Beyond the access to British materials, JustisOne also re-envisions the case law search, eliminating boolean searching in favour of a category searching system that gives more applicable and refined search results. Some of my other favourite features include the Precedent Maps, which visualize how the case law has been treated, and the Key Paragraphs, which eliminates the guesswork of noting up by directly linking to the paragraphs that have been quoted in subsequent decisions.


We’ve greatly enjoyed playing around with this new software, and we are excited that it is now available for library users as well! If you need access to British materials you can feel free to come and try it out yourself, or as always you can get in touch with us and we will be happy to send them to you.

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