#ThrowbackThursday: Château Laurier

Ottawa woke up this morning to the Château trending on Twitter. What now!? If somehow you haven’t heard, an expansion concept has been released, and to put it mildly, people are not super enthusiastic about it.  This had us scampering to Library and Archives Canada to find some nice, old pictures of the Château from when it was shiny and new.

Photo of the Château taken in 1912.

Believed to be the official opening ceremony, June 1, 1912. (Credit: William James Topley/Library and Archives Canada/PA-009252)


Photo of the Château taken in 1916.

Taken from the east, from the Corry building, 1916. (Credit: Topley Studio Fonds / Library and Archives Canada / PA-011240)


Photo of the interior of the Grand Trunk Railway Station, taken in 1916.

The interior of the Grand Trunk Railway Station, where there was this beautiful tunnel entrance leading to the Château, 1916. (Credit: Topley Studio / Library and Archives Canada / PA-011245)


Photo of the Château, taken in 1937.

With the first expansion wing, 1937. (Credit: Library and Archives Canada / PA-)

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