By Jennifer Walker

We’ve decided to start a new series here on the blog, that of tips for using the library. While photocopies don’t necessarily seem like the most interesting or exciting place to start (and it isn’t!), it seems like the appropriate point to begin with, in light of that pesky HST business.

Regular users of our library and photocopiers will notice a small increase in photocopy charges this week – now $0.40 a page. We’re not thrilled about the increase either, I promise!

In light of that price increase, and also to let you in on something that can make using the library even better, here’s Library Tip #001: buy a photocopy card! Or better yet – your membership card is also a photocopy card. Here’s how this works: you need a photocopy card to make the photocopiers work. The machines sit there idling until a card is inserted. Most people borrow one from us, but if you have your own card, you don’t need to ask us for one and if you’re a member, you can use it on the weekend or at night when we aren’t here. To help save you some cash, we’ve created discount photocopy rates – the more you buy in advance to put on your membership card (or a normal photocopy card), the more you save per copy. It also means you don’t have to check in with us before you leave to pay or create an invoice. You can peruse those rates here.

We have to note this, though, so you’re forewarned: if you use your own copy card, we can’t make an invoice for a specific client file. For some folks, this will be a problem based on how you do your billing. If, however, you don’t need that level of specificity in your photocopying, having your own card is definitely the way to go.