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Family Matters

Verch v. Verch (2012 ONSC 2621)
matrimonial home—cottage—pay the outstanding property taxes—preservation—non-titled spouse
Justice B. Abrams

Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa v. Ms. G. (2012 ONSC 2626)
Justice R. Beaudoin

F.O. v. B.O. (2012 ONSC 2576)
Justice P. Annis

Civil Matters

Moberg v. Patafie (2012 ONSC 2904)
principle of proportionality—reasonable expectations of the losing—indemnity costs—disbursements—assessment
Justice G. Toscano-Roccamo

Friend v. Watters (2012 ONSC 2892)
motion—partial indemnity—costs—hours—fees

Justice G. Toscano-Roccamo

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2012 ONSC 2519)
cross-examinations on the affidavits—res judicata—motion—public to attend the cross-examinations—conference
Justice R. Smith

Cain v. 1150320 Ontario Inc. (The Antique Shoppe) (2012 ONSC 3018)
Justice M. Métivier

Wang v. Byford-Harvey (2012 ONSC 3030)
damages—liability—vehicle—bifurcation—traffic calming measures
Justice R. Smith

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