A subscription to Quicklaw is another excellent research tool provided via the LSUC to every courthouse library. There are loads of great features within Quicklaw, but one that is commonly overlooked (unfortunately!) is the Practice Area section. Here’s where it is on the home screen:


We have four practice areas available to library clients – CriminalPractice, EmploymentPractice, FamilyPractice, and LitigationPractice. If you pop over to one of those areas when you first load up Quicklaw, you’ll have an easy to scan and use list of secondary sources that are available for you to search, read through, print, or email. For example, LitigationPractice contains a bunch of quantums (such as personal injury damages or wrongful dismissals), practice guides, and texts like The Law of Limitations. Next time you’re in the courthouse, stop by and take a look at this great feature of our Quicklaw subscription!

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