I’m sure most of you are well aware of the valuable Continuing Professional Development programs that are held by the Law Society in Toronto every year. Perhaps you’re even aware that the CCLA Library receives the materials from these programs in our collection. What is lesser known we find, is the fact that most of these papers are available online through a service called Access CLEAccess CLE provides LSUC articles since 2004, and articles that are older than 18 months are free of charge. Some of these papers include:

  • The popular Annotated Document series (i.e. Annotated Shareholder Agreement, Annotated Guardianship Documents, Annotated Employment Agreements, etc.)
  • Presentations on more obscure areas of law
  • Case Commentaries and Analysis
  • Practical Practice Management Tips
  • And many more!

The unfortunate part of all of this is that the search engine for Access CLE is somewhat frustrating to use and many find it difficult to locate what they are looking for. Instead, the best way to search for articles is by using the Infolocate search engine, which integrates Access CLE into its collection. You can search as follows:

  1. Head to Infolocate.ca
  2. In the dropdown menu that reads “All Libraries”, scroll to the bottom and select “Access CLE”, so that your search bar looks like this: infolocate
  3. Enter search terms in the box and select search. This will search only online articles that are available for download.

If you prefer, you can also browse what is available by going to the Access CLE website. Click on your area of law under “Browse Collections”, and select which year you would like to browse.

As mentioned, the CCLA collects all of these materials in print as well, so if there is something you would like that was released in the past 18 months, we can get that for you for free. Just give us a shout!

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