Happy Thanksgiving! It’s going to be a busy weekend no doubt and Jen is off gallivanting in Europe, but here’s what we’re trying to read, watch, and listen to this weekend.


Brenda: “A Home Invasion, A Torture Session, One Lawyer Nearly Killing Another—The Gruesome November Night in One of Washington’s Wealthiest Suburbs.
Next up on my true crime longform reads.

Emily: Dracula – Bram Stoker
Fact about me: I love Halloween. As such, I usually reserve the month of October for reading spooky stories. This classic is simply amazing so far.


Brenda: Luke Cage
I’m sure I’ll find some time to binge-watch this between Jays games and Thanksgiving dinners!

Listening To

Emily: Quirks & Quarks – CBC Radio
I’ll be catching up on fascinating science with last week’s episode, which includes: “The origins of a good beer”, “Powerful microbe fights a crop fungus”, “Looking for life inside the red planet”, and “Trees survive the cold weather”. 

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