Indigenous Writes: A Guide to First Nations, Métis & Inuit Issues in Canada is currently stored on our “New Books” shelf, and I can easily say I’ve seen more people pick this book up to flip through than any other book we’ve had on the shelf before. Written by Chelsea Vowel, who can be found online at her Twitter handle @apihtawikosisan and website âpihtawikosisân, this book delivers an excellent discussion on Indigenous issues. Sample chapters include “Settling on a Name: Names for Non-Indigenous Canadians,” “Got Status? Indian Status in Canada,” and “What is Cultural Appropriation? Respecting Cultural Boundaries” (among many, many more). Recently, Vowel was interviewed on the CBC radio program “Unreserved” – you can listen to that segment here. If you miss this book while it’s on the new releases shelf, you’ll be able to find it later at E78 .C2 V69 2016.

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