The following list of titles can now be found in the library:

A Practical Guide to Canadian Citizenship and Inadmissibility – Refugee Law Edition (Carswell)

An Advocacy Primer, 4th Edition (Carswell)

Canadian Medical Law: An introduction for Physicians, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals, 4th Edition (Carswell)

Chartes des droits de la personne, 30e édition, 2017, Législation – Jurisprudence – Doctrine (Wilson & Lafleur)

Cybercrime in Canadian Criminal Law, 2nd Edition (Carswell)

Defending Drug Cases, 4th Edition (Carswell)

Drone Controversies: Ethical and Legal Debates Surrounding Targeted Strikes and Electronic Surveillance (Carswell)

Government Procurement, 4th Edition (LexisNexis)

Law of Criminal Attempt, Third Edition (Carswell)

Mareva and Anton Piller Preservation Orders in Canada: A Practical Guide (Irwin Law)

Misfeasance in a Public Office (Carswell)

Ontario Superior Court Practice, 2018 Edition (LexisNexis)

Repair and Storage Liens Act: A Practical Guide (Canada Law Book)

Settling Family Law Cases: Practical Techniques for Advocates and Neutrals (Carswell)

Sports and Recreation Liability Law in Canada (Canada Law Book)

The 2018 Annotated Tremeear’s Criminal Code (Carswell)

The Law of Fraud and the Forensic Investigator, Fifth Edition (Carswell)

The Law of Government Ethics: Federal, Ontario and British Columbia, Second Edition (Carswell)

The Supreme Court on Trial, Revised edition (Irwin Law)

Victim Law: The Law of Victims of Crime in Canada (Carswell)

Watson & McGowan’s Ontario Civil Practice 2018 (Carswell)

Widdifield on Executors and Trustees, 6th Edition (Carswell)

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