CanLII announced an exciting new addition to CanLII on Friday: law reviews! From their blog:

It has been a long term goal for us to have a substantial collection of legal commentary on CanLII, so we are thrilled to be able to tell you about an expansion of CanLII’s secondary sources section to include law reviews.

Law reviews are often the only place a particular topic is discussed, and they often provide insight into the law for a particular jurisdiction where no one else does that make them invaluable for research.

In addition to being able to navigate within the commentary section by law review and issue, results from law review issues will appear in your search results. If all you want to see is commentary, you can limit your search results by clicking on the “Secondary sources” tab.

We would like to thank the generous contributors of content that will help enrich CanLII as a legal research tool. Here are the law reviews that are participating in our initial launch of this project:

Alberta Law Review

Appeal: Review of Current Law and Law Reform

Canadian Bar Review (coming soon)

Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law

Canadian Journal of Human Rights

Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies

Justice As Healing (coming soon)

McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution

McGill Journal of Law and Health

McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law

Ottawa Law Review

University of New Brunswick Law Journal (coming soon)

Currently we have loaded them back to 2015, but more law reviews and additional years of coverage will be added over time. If you edit or publish a law journal you’d like to see on CanLII, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you! (

Check out their law review coverage from the Law Journals page on CanLII. A heads up if you use the left sidebar on CanLII – to get to all of the secondary sources, including law reviews, the new heading is “CanLIIDocs.”

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