With our announcement that the CCLA Conference Papers Database has moved to CanLII, we are sure some of you are wondering how you can link to your work (for example, if you wanted to link from your firm website to a paper you gave). This is very easy to do on CanLII, so here are the step by step instructions! 

1. Find Your Paper

You can find your paper by browsing through the contents for each conference, or you can use the search box on the Conference Proceedings page to look for your paper title or your name.

2. When you’ve found your paper, look at the boxed heading at the top of the page

3. Copy the permanent link, and use that link for your website (or wherever!)


If you’re curious, that same tidy permanent link is available on all documents on CanLII. If you’re using CanLII at all – and you probably are or should be! – check that out for a nice, stable link in your documents.

In decisions:



In legislation:

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