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Family Matters

Quinteros v. Diaz (2023 CanLII 13077)
Civil procedure — Case management — Uncontested trials — Grounds for uncontested trial — Civil procedure — Pleadings — Failure to file pleadings — Loss of right to further participation in case — Discretion to override exclusion
Justice N. Somji

Egan v. McAlpine (2023 ONSC 1193)
Civil procedure — Costs — Entitlement — Presumption of entitlement for successful party — Measure of success
Justice N. Somji

Akyuz v. Sahin (2023 ONSC 1024)
Conflict of laws — Family law — Divorce decree — successful party at interim motion — Summary judgment
Justice A. Doyle

Civil Matters

Demers v. Ontario (2023 ONSC 1267)
Practice — Motions to strike pleadings — No reasonable cause of action — Rule 21.01(1)(a),(b), Rule 25
Justice S. Gomery

Brown v. Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP (2023 ONSC 1137)
Professions — Barristers and solicitors — Solicitor-client privilege — Waiver
Justice S. Gomery

Cougle v. Menzies et al. (2023 ONSC 1110)
Civil procedure — Rules of Civil Procedure — Pleadings — Striking out — Vexatious litigant
Justice S. Corthorn

Criminal Matters

R. v. Downey (2023 ONSC 1111)
Criminal law — Judicial interim release — Revocation
Justice N. Somji

Divisonal Court Decisions from Ottawa Judges

Goble v. Onyx Community Services (2023 ONSC 1052)
Appeals — Rules of Civil Procedure
Justice C. MacLeod

Amadiegwu v. Aviva General Insurance Company (2023 ONSC 1256)
Insurance law — Income replacement benefits — Civil procedure — Appeals — Standard of review
Justices C. MacLeod, C. Backhouse, and R. Lococo

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

R. v. Abdelrazzaq (2023 ONCA 112)
Constitutional law — Charter of Rights — Cruel and unusual treatment — Remedies — Forfeiture — Criminal Code
Justices D. Doherty, L. Favreau, and J. Copeland

R. v. Mohamed (2023 ONCA 104)
Criminal law — Evidence — Hearsay — Principled hearsay exception — Crown appeal
Justices J. Simmons, D. Paciocco, and B. Zarnett

Corrigan v. Ontario (2023 ONCA 108)
Crown — Actions against Crown — nullity — Reasonableness of the decision — Crown Liability and Proceedings Act, 2019
Justices D. Doherty, B. Zarnett, and L. Sossin

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