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Family Matters

Bernard et al. v. Fuhgeh (2023 ONSC 1745)
Civil procedure — Costs — Parties entitled to costs — Intervenors
Justice D. Summers

Civil Matters

Corporation of the Town of Renfrew v. Scott (2023 ONSC 1686)
Municipal law — By-law — Offences — Trespass — Enforcement
Justice A. Doyle

McGuinty Law Offices Professional Corporation v. 13819850 Canada Inc. (2023 ONSC 1880)
Civil — Practice — Orders
Justice J. Hooper

On Point Ltd. v. Conseil des Écoles Catholiques du Centre Est et al. (2023 ONSC 1341)
Construction law — Interpretation of Construction Act
Justice A. Doyle

Criminal Matters

R. v. Ngabirano (2023 ONSC 1706)
Criminal law — Offences — Kidnapping — Robbery — Sentencing
Justice S. Gomery

Divisional Court Decisions of Local Interest or from Ottawa Judges

CryptoStar Corp. v. 611890 Alberta Inc. (2023 ONSC 1824)
Contract law — Breach — Property — Agreements — Preservation of property
Justices D.L. Edwards, R. Ryan Bell, and J. Leiper

Martel v. Purdy (2023 ONSC 1806)
Real property — Appeals — Stay pending appeal — Abuse of process
Justice C. Hackland

Dalwadi v. Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (2023 ONSC 1759)
Citizenship and Immigration — Status in Canada — Permanent residents — planned — ImmigrationAI
Justices D. Edwards, R. Ryan Bell, and J. Leiper

Bateni v. Jamali (2023 ONSC 1761)
Contract law — Breach — Real property — Commercial leases — Duty of good faith
Justices H. McLean, R. Ryan Bell, and S. Nishikawa

Yen v. Office of the Independent Police Review Director (2023 ONSC 1524)
Administrative law — Judicial review — Grounds of review — Procedural fairness
Justices T. Lederer, R. Lococo, and J. Hooper

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interst

R. v. Chu (2023 ONCA 183)
Criminal law — Drug offences — Possession for the purpose of trafficking — Circumstantial evidence — Joint possession
Justices J. Simmons, P. Lauwers, and J. Copeland

R. v. Hurren (2023 ONCA 187)
Sentencing — Proportionality — Mischief
Justices J. Simmons, G. Trotter, and J. Copeland

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