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Family Matters

Jacques v. Leblanc (2023 ONSC 4269)
Civil procedure — Costs — Discretion of Court — Balance between full recovery and fairness
Justice N. Somji

Civil Matters

Li et al. v. Barber et al. (2023 CanLII 67728)
Civil procedure — Anti-Slappling motion — Motion pursuant to s. 137.1, Courts of Justice Act
Justice C. MacLeod

Beach (Re) (2023 ONSC 4365)
Bankruptcy and insolvency — Property of bankrupt — Disputed assets — Secured orders — Registration
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Barry v. His Majesty the King in Right of Ontario (2023 ONSC 4299)
Municipal law — Actions against Crown — Notice requirements — Negligence — Occupier’s liability
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Benz v. Zhand (2023 ONSC 4337)
Appeals — Family law — Health Care Consent Act
Justice C. Hackland

The Canada Soccer Association Incorporated v. Association de Soccer de Brossard (2023 ONSC 4317)
Award — Enforcement — Stay — Grievances
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Yates v. Iron Horse Corporation and St. Martin (2023 ONSC 4195)
Torts — Defamation — Civil procedure — Anti-Slapp, Motions — Courts of Justice Act
Justice S. Gomery

Criminal Matters

R. v. Edmundson (2023 ONSC 4236)
Criminal law — Evidence — Journalist-informant privilege
Justice C. MacLeod

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

R. c. Séguin (2023 ONCA 514)
fentanyl — amicus curiae — anglais — français — peine
Les juges K. van Rensburg, A. Harvison Young, et L. Favreau

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