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Family Matters

Douglas v. Faucher (2023 ONSC 5026)
Family law — Child support
Justice M. James

Daher v. Khanafer (2023 ONSC 4941)
Practice — Costs — Motion by father to increase costs
Justice J. Audet

Civil Matters

Beazley v. Johnston et al. (2023 ONSC 4956)
Summary judgment — Genuine issue requiring trial — Medical malpractice
Justice S. Corthorn

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

Torgersrud v. Lightstone (2023 ONCA 580)
Family law — Property — Equalization of net family property — Contract law
Justices K. Feldman, M. Benotto, and L. Roberts

Fabrikant v. Kelly (2023 ONCA 579)
Civil procedure — Vexatious litigants — Motion to dismiss — Frivolous and vexatious proceedings — Abuse of court’s process
Justices K. van Rensburg, I. Nordheimer, and J. George

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