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Family Matters

Hughes v. Hughes (2024 ONSC 1119)
Civil procedure — Costs — Assessment of quantum — Full recovery — “bad faith”
Justice N. Somji

Barrett v. Watson (2024 ONSC 1118)
Civil procedure — Costs — Entitlement — Offers to settle
Justice N. Somji

Quinteros v. Diaz (2024 ONSC 1080)
Family law — Child support — Retroactive — Orders — Enforcement
Justice N. Somji

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa. v. L.M-L.B. et al. (2024 ONSC 348)
Conflict of laws — Transfer of proceedings — Jurisdiction
Justice J. Audet

Civil Matters

Nahra v. Orange Transport (2024 ONSC 1134)
Civil procedure — Certificate of pending litigation — Injunctions — Mareva injunctions
Justice A. Kaufman

Raji v. The Attorney General of Canada (2024 ONSC 1061)
Practice and procedure — Motions to strike — No reasonable cause of action
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Kuffuor v. Singal (2024 ONSC 1066)
Practice — Extension of time — Rule 61.05(1)
Justice A. Kaufman

Clost v. Rennie (2024 ONSC 1012)
Civil procedure — Costs — Substantial Indemnity
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Divisional Court Decisions of Local Interest

Joseph v. Canada School of Public Service (2024 ONSC 1041)
Labour law — Torts — Breach of privacy — Intrusion upon seclusion
Justices E. Stewart, F. Myers, and J. Leiper

Manulife Ontario Property Inc. v. MPAC and Ottawa (City) (2024 ONSC 1047)
Municipal law — Property tax assessments — Interpretation of s. 19(1) of Assessment Act
Justices E. Stewart, F. Myers, and J. Leiper

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

Falsetto v. Falsetto (2024 ONCA 149)
Real property — Joint tenancy — Presumption of resulting trust
Justices J. MacPherson, B. Miller, and D. Paciocco

Bouragba v. Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario (2024 ONCA 140)
Civil procedure — Appeals — Transcripts — Rules of Civil Procedure
Justices P. Lauwers, D. Paciocco, and J. Thorburn

R. v. S.W. (2024 ONCA 125)
Criminal law — Sexual assault — Consent — Mistaken belief in consent — Sufficiency of evidence
Justices K. Feldman, B. Miller, and S. Coroza

Los v. Ross (2024 ONCA 122)
Family law — Parenting — Jurisdiction — Child support — Habitually resident
Justices K. van Rensburg, L. Roberts, and L. Favreau

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