Resources for Paralegals and Law Clerks

While most of our collection is geared towards lawyers, the CCLA Library has a small but excellent collection of materials intended for paralegals and law clerks.  As part of our partnership with the Great Library and the Law Society, we receive all of the continuing professional development print materials from LSUC events geared to this audience.  Here are some of the titles we’ve added to our library collection in the past year:

9th Annual Real Estate for Law Clerks

9th Annual Family Law for Law Clerks

10th Annual Civil Litigation for Law Clerks

Best Practices for Paralegals Appearing Before the  Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Best Practices for Paralegals Appearing Before the Ontario Court of Justice 2011

Corporate Law for Law Clerks

Estate Administration for Law Clerks 2010

FSCO Update for Paralegals

Personal Injury for Law Clerks: Recent Changes That You Need to Know About

Small Claims Court Update 2011

These titles, along with many others, are shelved along with our regular Text collection, ordered by subject.  Next time you’re in the courthouse, or would like to read up on a new legal topic, consider stopping by to take a look at these great resources.



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