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Family Matters

Potter v. Dhieux (2012 ONSC 4498)
Justice S. Kershman

Paquette v. Lecompte (2012 ONSC 4547)
school—father—shared custody regime—time—child
Justice R. Beaudoin

Holland v. Fower (2012 ONSC 3900)
Justice P. Kane

Verch v. Verch (2012 ONSC 4593)
matrimonial home in jeopardy—pay the property taxes—stratagem—jeopardy of being sold—indemnity
Justice B. Abrams

Civil Matters

2964376 Canada Inc. (Ameublement Prestige Furniture) v. Bisaillon (2012 ONSC 4447)
substantial indemnity—costs—disbursements—submits—amount
Justice M. Métivier

Noël et Associés, S.E.N.C.R.L. v. Sincennes (2012 ONSC 3770)
foreign—non-reciprocating state—debt owing—promise to pay the amount—enforced
Justice P. Kane

Dewan v. Burdet (2012 ONSC 4465)
discovery plan—units—inspection—motion—rule
Justice P. Kane



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