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Family Matters

Duncan v. Duncan (2012 ONSC 4331)
spousal support—agreement—full appreciation—duress—evidence
Justice S. Kershman

Phillips v. Hassan (2012 ONSC 6197)
child support—access—evidence—father
Justice M. Linhares De Sousa

Phillips v. Hassan (2012 ONSC 6511)
Justice M. Linhares De Sousa

Farhan v. Farhan (2012 ONSC 6596)
children—father—fraud—custody—entry exit records
Justice T. Minnema

Razavi v. Ghiasian (2012 ONSC 6842)
Justice J. Mackinnon

Newell v. Allen (2012 ONSC 6681)
engagement ring—gift—marriage—donor—promise
Justice J. Mackinnon

Doyle v. Doyle (2012 ONSC 6721)
Justice J. Mackinnon

Zheng v. Jiang (2012 ONSC 6756)
notice of withdrawal—costs—rule—subsequent offer—serving
Justice J. Mackinnon

Gyuzeleva v. Angelov (2012 ONSC 6628)
divorce—jurisdiction—forum non conveniens—child—custody
Justice J. Mackinnon

Civil Matters

Lauzon v. Lemieux (2012 ONSC 6954)
motion—right-of-way—mutual driveway—costs—offer
Justice M. Linhares De Sousa

McClatchie v. Rideau Lakes (Township) (2012 ONSC 6540)
motion to amend—brought—summary—coordinator
Justice S. Kershman

Denofrio v. Denofrio (2012 ONSC 4019)
costs—exchanged—received correspondence—additional—supplementary
Justice S. Kershman

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2012 ONSC 6768)
reasonable apprehension of bias—motion—leave—refusals—interlocutory
Justice P. Annis

Levesque v. Labelle (2012 ONSC 6372)
independent medical examination—risk of harm—psychiatrist—subspecialty—curiousness
Justice H. McLean

Grant v. Corporation of the City of (Kingston) and Queen’s University (2012 ONSC 6332)
notice—reasonable excuse—accident—sidewalks—evidence
Justice J. McMunagle

Criminal Matters

R. v. Brethour (2012 ONSC 6125)
gas station—fight—punch—girls—tackle
Justice R. Beaudoin

R. v. Oppedisano (2012 ONSC 6767)
motorcycle—driving—penal negligence—marked departure—turn
Justice P. Lalonde

R. v. T. (B.) (2012 ONSC 6799)
victim impact statements—complainants—evidence—cross-examination—sentencing
Justice C. McKinnon

R. v. Thomas Fuller and Sons Ltd. (2012 ONCJ 731)
wooden brace—winch system—pullers—pipe—constructed
Justice D. Paciocco

R. v. Lauzon (2012 ONSC 6601)
Justice R. Smith


Also, in case you missed it:

Madger v. Ford (2012 ONSC 5615)
pecuniary interestdonorsmembervotingfootball
Regional Senior Justice C. Hackland


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