Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

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Family Matters

Benson v. Benson (2012 ONSC 6310)
motion—reference—equalization payment—determination—vast
Justice J. McNamara

Hall v. He (2012 ONSC 6461)
litigation—child—bear—lawyers bills of costs—settle
Justice M. Linhares de Sousa

Civil Matters

Lukic v. Zaban (2012 ONSC 6078)
Master C. MacLeod

Lackner v. Hall (2012 ONSC 6311)
partial indemnity basis—hours—arithmetic—rate—hour
Justice J. McNamara

Merovitz-Potechin LLP v. Janice Middleton (2012 ONSC 6309)
costs of the original—written—motion—materials—reinforced
Justice J. McNamara

Burn v. Aikman, The County of Lanark and The Township of Beckwith (2012 CanLII 69041)
owner of the cow—costs—uncomplicated—motion—uncontroverted
Justice R. Maranger

Exteriors By Design v. Traversy (2012 ONSC 6369)
Master C. MacLeod

Exteriors By Design v. Traversy (2012 ONSC 6658)
Master C. MacLeod

Horton (Township) v. Ontario Municipal Insurance Exchange (2012 ONSC 6489)
harboured—costs outlines—outlook—proportionality
Justice P. Annis

Chang v. Boulet (2012 ONSC 6382)
cent of the shares—lawyer—restaurant—fro to sign—agreement
Justice M. Métivier

Genivar Inc. v. Taylor (2012 ONSC 6285)
Justice C. McKinnon

Guzzo v. Green (2012 ONSC 6617)
estate—co-executor—costs—substantial indemnity—testator
Justice R. Smith

750 Service Centre Oasis Point Inc. v. 2018924 Ontario Ltd (2012 ONSC 6622)
Master P. Roger

McCleery v. Global Excel Management al (2012 ONSC 6539)
Master C. MacLeod

Criminal Matters

R. v. Blais (2012 ONSC 6251)
utterances—defence of non-insane automatism—voir dire—evidence—adjournment
Justice C. McKinnon

R. v. Pham (2012 ONSC 6340)
Justice R. Beaudoin



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