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Civil Matters

Lafortune v Lemay et. al. (2023 ONSC 2941)
Contract law — Breach of contract — Summary judgment
Justice M. James

On Point Ltd. v Conseil des Écoles Catholiques du Centre Est et al. (2023 ONSC 2812)
Costs — Substantial Indemnity
Justice A. Doyle

Chantrs Blinds & Shutters Inc. v 2037208 Ontario Inc. et al (2023 ONSC 2808)
Civil procedure — Motion to dismiss — Payment of security for costs
Justice H. Williams

S. (B.) v The Hospital for Sick Children et al. (2023 ONSC 2795)
Practice — Pleadings — Amendments — Grounds
Associate Justice A. Kaufman

McIntosh v Sutherland (2023 ONSC 2788)
Civil procedure — Vexatious litigants — Rules of Civil Procedure
Justice S. Corthorn

Digital Business Systems Inc. v Documents XMA Inc. (2023 ONSC 2737)
Civil procedure — Costs — Motions
Justice S. Corthorn

Criminal Matters

R v Lep’okhina (2023 ONSC 2850)
Criminal law — Charter of Rights — Section 10(b)
Justice J. Parfett

R. v Buckley and Young (2023 ONSC 2732)
Criminal law — Murder — First degree murder — Manslaughter — Sentencing
Justice M. Labrosse

Divisional Court Decisions from Ottawa Judges

Martin (Estate) v Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (2023 ONSC 2993)
Administrative law — Judicial review — Standard of review — Reasonableness
Justices F. McWatt, H. Sachs, and C. Hackland

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

Ismail v. First York Holdings Inc. (2023 ONCA 332)
Contract law — Arbitration clauses — Jurisdiction — Real property — Condominiums
Justices D. Doherty, K. Feldman, and G. Trotter

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