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Family Matters

CAS v. D.P. (2012 ONSC 6059)
Justice P. Lalonde

Dunn v. Murchison (Dunn), Ministry of Community and Social Services (2012 ONSC 6249)
Justice R. Maranger

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa v. L.C. and J.C. (2012 ONSC 6100)
child—daycare—parents—injuries—unusual bruising
Justice J. Mackinnon

Lefebvre v. McCullough (2012 ONSC 5757)
Justice R. Beaudoin

Yazdani v. Vuthy (2012 ONSC 6050)
spousal support—children—father—facto custody—interim
Justice P. Annis

Rebus v. Bateman (2012 ONSC 6026)
best interests of the children—parent—father—communications—support
Justice P. Annis

CAS v. CD, AK and SA (2012 ONSC 5986)
paternal grandmother—plan of care—children—youngest—siblings
Justice B. Warkentin

Zheng v. Jiang (2012 ONSC 6043)
house—child support—expenses—unenforceable—income
Justice J. Mackinnon

Shaw v. Shaw (2012 ONSC 5974)
costs—offer to settle—chattels—damages—equalization
Justice J. Blishen

Civil Matters

Hart v. (Canada) Attorney General (2012 ONSC 6067)
notes—litigation privilege—interview—statements—document
Justice M. Linhares de Sousa

Moore v. Republic of Greece (2012 ONSC 5826)
easement—gates—litigation fence—tenement—property
Justice H. Polowin

Callow v. Board of School Trustees (West Vancouver SD #45) (2012 ONSC 6222)
Justice R. Maranger

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2012 ONSC 5998)
refusals motion—costs—lengthy—substantial—indemnity
Justice R. Smith

Minkofski v. Dost Estate (2012 ONSC 5598)
testator—objector—estate trustees—will—evidence
Master C. MacLeod

Quick Refunds a segment of 1479253 Ontario Inc. v. Dundas (2012 ONSC 5996)
security for costs—dismissal—motion to set aside—loans—delay
Justice P. Annis

Criminal Matters

R. v. Milne (2012 ONSC 5779)
drivers seat—stalled—tow truck operator—control of the motor vehicle—radiator
Justice J. McMunagle

Her Majesty the Queen v. Burton (2012 ONSC 5920)
sentencing—bus—sexual assault—discharge—fresh evidence
Justice R. Maranger

Her Majesty the Queen v. Crooke (2012 ONSC 5923)
probable grounds—arresting officer—reasonable—page—breath
Justice J. McMunagle

R. v. Kenny (2012 ONSC 3760)
Justice J. Parfett

R. v. Garniss (2011 ONSC 5446)
utterances—medications—sawed off shotgun—pills—video
Justice T. Ray

R. v. Capy (2012 ONSC 3822)
cocaine—trafficking—grams—conditional sentence—offences
Justice R. Beaudoin

R. v. Aman (2012 ONCJ 654)
sentence—offence—driving—probation—plea of guilt
Justice H. Perkins-McVey

R. v. Wehbe (2012 ONCJ 653)
conditional sentence—offence—vehicle—probation—cleaning
Justice H. Perkins-McVey



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