Library Tips

From Your Library: HeinOnline

One of our favorite online resources is HeinOnline. What exactly is in HeinOnline? It’s an online access point for lots of great legal research materials. Here are just a few of the things that are contained in our subscription that we’ve used when carrying out research for our library clients:

  • Legal and law-related journals – over 2,000 of them!
  • The English Reports (which has reprints of English cases dating from 1220 to 1867)
  • The Revised Statutes of Canada, all sets (good for legislative research)
  • A wide range of American legislation

The really great news is that access to Hein is available to all Law Society members through a subscription worked out by the Law Society of Upper Canada. You can search, read, and download all without paying an additional cent. If you’d like the username and password for Hein, let us know and we can give it to you. It changes roughly twice a year, and did just last week, so you might need to update your information! Keep our email address ( handy!

Changes to CCLA Library Online Products

Starting January 1, 2014, there will be changes the online products you will have access to in the CCLA Library. We hope you’ll find these changes useful for your legal research!

No Longer Available:

Criminal Spectrum

Newly Added:

Quicklaw CriminalPractice

This product contains the following titles:

    • The Practitioner’s Criminal Code (Gold)
    • The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada (Fontana andKeeshan)
    • Sentencing (Ruby, Davies, Doucette, Loosemore, Orkinand, Wawzonek)
    • Annotated Youth Criminal Justice Act (Weinper, Direnfeld, Greene,Pearson, Richardson and Tuck-Jackson)
    • Impaired Driving in Canada (Kenkel)
    • Canadian Extradition Law Practice (Botting)
    • Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant – The Law of Evidence in Canada (Bryant, Lederman and Fuerst)
    • Canada Criminal Digest
    • Abrégé de jurisprudence – Droit criminel
    • Criminal Law Cases – Topical
    • Supreme Court of Canada Service
    • LAW/NET™ Legal Update Service
    • For the Defence, the newsletter of the Ontario CriminalLawyers’
    • Association
    • Alan D. Gold’s Criminal Law NetLetter
    • Alan D. Gold’s Money Laundering Update
    • Crown Weekly NetLetter
    • Federico and Rondinelli’s DNA NetLetter
    • Impaired Driving NetLetter by the Hon. Justice Joseph F. Kenkel
    • LexisNexis® Criminal Charter Issues NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Criminal Offences NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Criminal Procedure NetLetter
    • The Practitioner’s Criminal Precedents (Gold)

Quicklaw FamilyPractice

This product contains the following titles:

    • Ontario Family Law Practice (The Hon. Mr. Justice David Steinberg, the Hon. Mr. Justice Craig Perkins, Esther L. Lenkinski and Andrew James)
    • Wilson on Children and the Law (Jeffery Wilson)
    • Family Mediation and Collaborative Practice Handbook (Barbara Landau, Lorne Wolfson and Niki Landau)
    • Castel & Walker – Canadian Conflict of Laws (Janet Walker) Canadian Contract Law (Angela Swan)
    • Canada Child Support Quantums
    • Canada Spousal Support Quantums
    • Canada Dependants’ Relief Quantums
    • Canada Matrimonial Property Quantums
    • LexisNexis® Family Law (Ontario) NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Youth Protection NetLetter

Quicklaw LitigationPractice

This product contains the following titles:

    • Canadian Federal Courts Practice (Hughes, Renaud and Horne)
    • Federal Limitations Manual
    • Ontario Courtroom Procedure (Ferguson)
    • Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant – The Law of Evidence in Canada (Bryant, Lederman and Fuerst)
    • Class Actions Law and Practice (Eizenga, Peerless, Wright and Callaghan)
    • Canadian Tort Law (Linden and Feldthusen)
    • Canadian Contract Law (Swan)
    • Castel & Walker – Canadian Conflict of Laws (Walker)
    • The Law of Limitations (Mew)
    • Canada Civil Procedure Digest
    • Canada Civil Evidence Digest
    • Canada Limitation of Actions Digest
    • Canada Breach of Contract Quantums
    • Canada Defamation Quantums
    • Canada Medical Negligence Quantums
    • Canada Property-Related Torts Quantums
    • Canada Wrongful Dismissal Quantums
    • Carlson Personal Injury Quantum of Damages NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Civil Practice (Federal) NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Ontario Civil Practice NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Civil Evidence NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Conflict of Laws NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Limitation of Actions NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Class Actions NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Economic Damages NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Personal Injury NetLetter
    • LexisNexis® Tort Law NetLetter

To access any of these Practice products, simply proceed through to Quicklaw as normal on the Desktops of our library computers.


Resources for Paralegals and Law Clerks

While most of our collection is geared towards lawyers, the CCLA Library has a small but excellent collection of materials intended for paralegals and law clerks.  As part of our partnership with the Great Library and the Law Society, we receive all of the continuing professional development print materials from LSUC events geared to this audience.  Here are some of the titles we’ve added to our library collection in the past year:

9th Annual Real Estate for Law Clerks

9th Annual Family Law for Law Clerks

10th Annual Civil Litigation for Law Clerks

Best Practices for Paralegals Appearing Before the  Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Best Practices for Paralegals Appearing Before the Ontario Court of Justice 2011

Corporate Law for Law Clerks

Estate Administration for Law Clerks 2010

FSCO Update for Paralegals

Personal Injury for Law Clerks: Recent Changes That You Need to Know About

Small Claims Court Update 2011

These titles, along with many others, are shelved along with our regular Text collection, ordered by subject.  Next time you’re in the courthouse, or would like to read up on a new legal topic, consider stopping by to take a look at these great resources.



CCLA Info for Articling Students

Ottawa’s summer is in full swing, and we hope that you’ve had time to enjoy the weather and get away to some shade or the cottage for a break from the heat! Here at the CCLA Library, we are busy planning for the fall, and in particular for the new articling students that will be arriving at firms and the library in the coming weeks.

The CCLA and its library have a lot to offer students, from social and educational events to reference and support services. If new students are joining your firm, we encourage you to pass this newsletter onto them so that they can stay informed, and if you are a new student we’d love for you to stop by the library for a tour and learn about library resources, services, and training opportunities that may assist you during your articles.

I’ve consolidated a short list of things that articling students may want to check out at the CCLA this year below. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

1. The CCLA e-Newsletter

Perhaps the most valuable tool for new members of our legal community is the CCLA’s e-Newsletter, which is sent out once per week and shares news and notices, educational and social events, and job opportunities relevant to the East Region legal community. Students can sign up for the newsletter by clicking here, or they can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, where it is also posted each week.

2. Social Events and Pub Nights

The CCLA holds a number of social events and pub nights throughout the year that offer a chance for articling students, new lawyers, and not-so-new lawyers to meet one another. There is no registration necessary, and we provide the snacks. Our first pub night of the year is scheduled for Thursday, September 22nd from 5:30 to 8:00 PM at MacLaren’s Pub. These events are always advertised on our Calendar of Events and via our e-Newsletter.

3. Learning and Professional Development Opportunities

The CCLA also offers a number of educational opportunities geared specifically toward articling students, which can be a great help during articles and provide opportunities to network with other legal professionals.  Check out our joint program with the OBA on August 19th: Excelling at Articles: Surviving and Thriving in Your First Year, or our workshop on Small Claims in September. Mentoring events and dinners are also held throughout the year, providing opportunities to ask established mentors your toughest questions. The CCLA Library also offers a number of free Quicklaw and Westlaw training sessions throughout the year, for when you want to brush up on your skills and learn how to research faster and more effectively.

All of the CCLA’s other annual conferences and seminars, including our four Cornerstone Conferences, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Family Law, and Solicitors, also offer excellent opportunities for students to learn about law practice and meet established legal professionals. Many of these conferences are must-attend networking and learning events in the East Region, and students are strongly encouraged to attend.

All of our events and registration information can be found on the Calendar of Events on our website.

4. Library Resources, Services, and Tours

The CCLA Library can be an enormous help to students during their articles, especially when they need reference or research assistance. Call us if you need help finding cases, researching legislation, or finding the materials you need to answer a tough research question. We can also walk you through online sources and legal databases and help you use them to your full advantage. The library also offers an extensive print collection, computer, printing, photocopying, and wireless access in the Courthouse, free access to legal databases, and quiet study space. This is not to mention the friendly staff, who are always happy to help out in any way they can.

We hope you’ll come in for a tour of the library, as they’re a great opportunity to meet the library staff and learn about the resources and services that we have to offer. Drop us a line if you’d like to schedule a tour; you can check out the pre-scheduled tour times here, or contact your Reference Librarian, Kaitlyn Tribe (that’s me), at to schedule one at an alternate time. We look forward to meeting you!

These are just a few of the opportunities the CCLA is offering articling students this year. Information about other educational and community events, CCLA membership opportunities for students, and other tools and services can all be found on our website. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the other CCLA staff if you have any questions.

Info Sheet: CPD Programming Providers

Here at the library, we’ve had a few requests for details on where one can find programming that’s accredited for CPD credit hours.  To consolidate the information and provide helpful contacts, we’ve put together a short info sheet on programming providers that are of interest to our Ottawa lawyers.  You can download the PDF through this link.  The link is also available from our CPD Information page in the Events section of the CCLA website.

Library Tip #002: Food and Drink

By Jennifer Walker

Fairly regularly, we’re asked in a hushed, anxious tone, “Can I bring, you know, a coffee in here?” I remember all too well the Draconian food and drink policies at my university library, and the resultant frantic chugging of a scalding tea in order to enter the library, or the attempts to sneak in a bag of chips (which must be the worst snack food option for a quiet library).

Here at the CCLA, we’re definitely okay with clients bringing food and drink into the library. Perhaps not a five course dinner or anything requiring an open flame (this really isn’t the time or place for crème brûlée), but the typical cup of coffee or a sandwich are no problem. In fact, we anticipate clients bringing food and drink to our lunchtime training sessions! We kindly ask that you leave no trace behind, and trust there won’t be sticky jam fingerprints on the computers, or coffee spills on the books. The cafeteria in the lower level of the courthouse is open until about 3:00 from Monday to Friday. If you’ll be here after hours, make sure to grab provisions ahead of time.

Ah, and of course, should you want to show appreciation to your excellent library staff, we wouldn’t be opposed to the occasional delivery of snacks for us, too! We have a particular interest in Edible Arrangements, or in a pinch, any variety of chocolate-covered fruit.

Library Tip #001: Photocopies

By Jennifer Walker

We’ve decided to start a new series here on the blog, that of tips for using the library. While photocopies don’t necessarily seem like the most interesting or exciting place to start (and it isn’t!), it seems like the appropriate point to begin with, in light of that pesky HST business.

Regular users of our library and photocopiers will notice a small increase in photocopy charges this week – now $0.40 a page. We’re not thrilled about the increase either, I promise!

In light of that price increase, and also to let you in on something that can make using the library even better, here’s Library Tip #001: buy a photocopy card! Or better yet – your membership card is also a photocopy card. Here’s how this works: you need a photocopy card to make the photocopiers work. The machines sit there idling until a card is inserted. Most people borrow one from us, but if you have your own card, you don’t need to ask us for one and if you’re a member, you can use it on the weekend or at night when we aren’t here. To help save you some cash, we’ve created discount photocopy rates – the more you buy in advance to put on your membership card (or a normal photocopy card), the more you save per copy. It also means you don’t have to check in with us before you leave to pay or create an invoice. You can peruse those rates here.

We have to note this, though, so you’re forewarned: if you use your own copy card, we can’t make an invoice for a specific client file. For some folks, this will be a problem based on how you do your billing. If, however, you don’t need that level of specificity in your photocopying, having your own card is definitely the way to go.

Services at Your CCLA Library

By Katie Tribe

As librarians, Jen and I know that there is often very little awareness about what a library and its staff can do for its patrons. While we cover Library Services elsewhere on our website, I thought I’d go into a little more detail about a few of the things the CCLA Library staff has to offer you.


Not only does the library staff organize and maintain your library’s resources, but we also budget for and decide what materials are included in the collection. This includes not only traditional books, but also loose leafs, law reports, journals and magazines, and electronic products. As a result, we are always interested in feedback about what kinds of materials you’d like to see in the library. Feel free to contact us any time and share your insights!

Reference Services

As your Reference Librarian, I am the person to ask if you need information, case law, advice on your research strategy, or simply assistance in finding useful materials. Trust me, you won’t be bothering me; technically, your questions are part of my job description! Please feel free to contact me or any other library staff member in person, or via phone, email or fax. If you’d like more info about what to expect, or are not sure about what kinds of questions we can answer, have a quick look at our Reference FAQ page.

Training, Instruction, and Tours

As librarians, we not only want to provide you with resources; we also want you to know how to use them comfortably and effectively. For this reason, we are available to provide training and instruction on how to find and use both our print and electronic resources. Please feel free to make an appointment with us, or get in touch as needed. We also offer lunchtime training sessions in the library on a regular basis, which are announced on the CCLA website and listserv. If you’d like a tour of the library for yourself or a group, please just let us know!

Interlibrary Loans

Librarians are generally very resourceful, and believe strongly in sharing and providing access to information. As a result, there are few legal materials that we can’t get our hands on. If you need materials that aren’t available in the CCLA’s collection, be sure to let us know. Nine times out of ten we are able to get them through interlibrary loan. We can often get an item within a day or two of your request, and the loan is usually free of charge.

These are just a few of the services provided in your CCLA Library. If you’d like to learn more, have a quick look at our Library Services page. Is there a service you’d like to see at the CCLA Library? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! We are always interested in your feedback.